Welcome to my blog LukeonLanguage. My name is Luke Truman and I recently fell in love with languages when I started learning Cantonese prior to my trip to Hong Kong.

If you are like me, then you probably think you have no talent for language learning. When I was in school I was never any good at languages. Always getting frustrated and bored with countless verb tables and grammar books and having just scraped by two C’s in my GCSEs for both French and German after a massive 5 years I couldn’t even hold the most basic conversation!!

On this blog I want to share with you my journey learning Cantonese and how despite having no obvious talent, I managed to get further in just 6 months of studying Chinese than I did half a decade of studying at school.

I have a terrible memory, I was never any good at languages, heck I wasn’t even that good at English! So how did someone like me make surprisingly good progress in such a short space of time? I strongly believe it is all down to two things; my method and the time I spent with the language.  On this blog I plan to share with you my tips and advice for language learning as well as using it as a platform to document my language learning journey.